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The LNK-AL15 Survivor Tracking Light is a backup battery emergency light to be installed on individual and multiple flotation devices to indicate the position of survivors in the water caused by aircraft crashes. When the survivor tracking light comes into contact with the water, it automatically activates and continues to emit the solid white light with a light intensity greater than 1 cd for at least 8 hours which can continuously indicate the survivor's position to increase the success rate of the rescue.





    • CTSOA and FAA TSO LODA approved AAC-038 form available.
    • Strictly comply with CTSO-C85b / TSO-C85b standards
    • Environmentally friendly, no toxic / harmful reagents
    •  Compact and lightweight (main body 64.9 * 20.8 * 9.2mm; only 29 ~ 40 grams) • the battery got the invention patent in China, USA and France • Excellent anti-humidity performance
    • No more convenient plug design manually while in the water
    • "FLASHING-STEADY-SOS-OFF" multifunction

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