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Alkaline light SOLAS MED for life vest, with saline activation and complete with attachment flifting related product fixing).

Light of the highest quality with high performance, INTERMITTENT LIGHT FOR SEAT BELT WITH AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION WITH SEA WATER AND WITH BUTTON FOR TESTING AND MANUAL SHUTDOWN REVENGE / S - Intermittent emergency light, for belts and life jackets. REVENGE / S is a rescue light for life jackets, SOLAS approved in compliance with the LSA Code, Ris. IMO MSC 48 (66), Res. IMO 81 (70) and subsequent amendments, according to the MED directives. Completely waterproof, REVENGE emits an intense flashing light that covers the entire upper hemisphere and is equipped with an automatic ignition system. Once activated, it has an operating autonomy of 24 hours and is powered by two alkaline batteries (LR6) included. REVENGE has two seals on the sides of the body that prevent it from opening. If the opening is forced, the body of the device breaks.

It is covered by Invention Patent n. EU1679258



REVENGE Alkalina light SOLAS MED for life vest

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Virtually indestructible, it has a body resistant to water, corrosion, fire and temperature
    - His lamp never burns out
    - Suitable for all kinds of life jackets, simple to install and use
    - The dome of the light is positioned in such a way as not to create any shadow area and guarantees a uniform light distribution in all directions of the upper hemisphere
    - Its compact size and very low weight reduce transport costs and allow easy stowage of the jackets
    - It is the only floating light in the current vest light market
    - A special and sturdy clip makes the light less vulnerable to tampering
    - Made in ITALY OPERATION: REVENGE / S is switched on automatically when the light is in contact with sea water. Its shutdown, on the other hand, is managed manually by a button that is able to turn off the flashing light in any operating condition, but is also able to turn it back on as long as it is in contact with sea water.

    REVENGE is the only emergency light classified as SUBMERGED EQUIPMENT (submerged or in continuous contact with water, IEC60945: 2002 and IEC60945 corr.1: 2008), the new European standard in force since 2021.

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