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Lifebuoy built in high density polythene with closed cell polyurethane interior, equipped with reflective bands and line.



Item: 23000 30 mt floating ropes

Items: 22067-22020 Floating Lifebuoy Light

Item: 22029 stainless steel 316 life-Lifebuoy bracket

Item: 22028 universal support inox 316

Item: 22065 Additional support for Floating Lifebuoys Light

Item: 23006 rescue quoit

Item: 30050 customization


SOLAS MED LIFEBUOY diam. 75 / 4 kg

  • LIFEBUOY Compliant with SOLAS MED -

    CERTIFICATE RINA SERVICE SPA In orange Eltex filled with polyurethane foam. Complete with retro reflective bands and floating line .

    • external diam 736 mm
    • Internal diameter 436 mm
    • Weight 2,5


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